name value
name hamilton_landcover
version 0.1.0
title Hamilton County Landcover and Built Environment Characteristics
description Greenspace, imperviousness, treecanopy, and greenness (EVI) for all tracts in Hamilton County
homepage https://geomarker.io/hamilton_landcover


name title type description
census_tract_id Census Tract Identifier string NA
pct_green_2019 Percent Greenspace 2019 number percent of pixels in each tract classified as green
pct_impervious_2019 Percent Impervious 2019 number average percent imperviousness for pixels in each tract
pct_treecanopy_2016 Percent Treecanopy 2016 number average percent tree canopy for pixels in each tract
evi_2018 Enhanced Vegetation Index 2018 number average enhanced vegetation index for pixels in each tract