name value
name hh_acs_measures
version 1.1.0
title Harmonized Historical American Community Survey Measures
homepage https://geomarker.io/hh_acs_measures
description 2010 - 2021 measures derived from ACS variables for census tracts in the contiguous US


Columns ending with _moe represent the margin of error accompanying another column and are not included in the schema table here.

name title description type
census_tract_id Census Tract Identifier can refer to 2010 or 2020 vintage census tracts; unique only in combination with census_tract_vintage string
census_tract_vintage Census Tract Vintage The year of the decennial census that defines the tract (2010 for years 2010-2019 and 2020 for years 2020-2029) string
year Year The year of the 5-year ACS estimates (e.g., the 2019 ACS covers 2015 - 2019) integer
fraction_poverty Fraction of Households in Poverty Fraction of households with income below poverty level within the past 12 months number
n_children_lt18     integer
n_pop     integer
n_household_lt18     integer
n_household     integer
fraction_insured Fraction of People Insured Fraction of population with health insurance (available from 2012 onwards only) number
fraction_snap Fraction of Households Receiving Assisted Income Fraction of households receiving public assistance income or food stamps/SNAP in the past 12 months number
fraction_fam_nospouse Fraction of family households with a single householder Single householder is male or female household, with no spouse present number
fraction_employment Fraction of People Employed Fraction of people employed in civilian labor force number
n_housing_units     integer
median_home_value Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units   number
median_home_value_2010adj Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (in 2010 USD)   number
fraction_housing_renters Fraction of Housing Units Occupied by Renters fraction denominator is number of occupied housing units number
median_rent_to_income_percentage Median Rent to Income Percentage The median of the percentage of rent to income among all renter-occupied housing units number
fraction_high_rent Fraction of Housing Units Paying at least 30% of Income on Rent   number
fraction_conditions Fraction of Housing Units with Substandard Housing Conditions substandard housing: incomplete plumbing or kitchens, overcrowding, 30% or more of household income spent on rent or owner costs number
fraction_builtbf1970 Fraction of Housing Units Built Before 1970   number
fraction_vacant Fraction of Housing Units that are Vacant   number
fraction_nhl Fraction of People Not Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_nhl_w Fraction of People White and Not Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_nhl_b Fraction of People Black and Not Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_nhl_o Fraction of People Not Black, Not White, and Not Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_hl Fraction of People Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_hl_w Fraction of People White and Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_hl_b Fraction of People Black and Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_hl_o Fraction of People Not Black, Not White, and Hispanic/Latino   number
fraction_lesh Fraction of Households Speaking Limited English Available from 2016 onwards number
median_income Median Household Income   number
median_income_2010adj Median Household Income (in 2010 USD)   number
fraction_hs Fraction of Adults with At Least High School Education Available from 2012 onwards number