Hamilton County Property Code Enforcement


This R code generates the Hamilton County Property Code Enforcement (hamilton_property_code_enforcement) data resource. A census tract-level rate of property code enforcements per household is derived from code enforcement data from CincyInsights (contributed and maintained by CAGIS).

See metadata.md for detailed metadata and schema information.

Accessing Data

Read this CSV file into R directly from the release with:


Metadata can be imported from the accompanying tabular-data-resource.yaml file by using {CODECtools}.

Data Details


Housing code violations with a DATA_STATUS_DISPLAY of “Closed - No Violation”, “Closed - No Violations Found”, “Duplicate Case”, or “Closed - Duplicate Complaint” were excluded.

Rate per households

The number of households per tract was estimated by summing the number of households per block in each tract from the 2020 census.