🌐 Resources

geomarkers: a list of available geomarkers

codec: Community Data Explorer for Cincinnati

degauss: Decentralized Geomarker Assessment for Multi-Site Studies

⚙️ Software

cincy: Cincinnati Neighborhood, Tract, County, and ZIP Code Geographies

parcel: Matching for real-world addresses to reference sets of addresses

s3: More efficient downloading and usage of files hosted on AWS S3

zctaDB: Get Geomarker Data Based on ZIP Code

cogr: Add geospatial data hosted online in cloud optimized geotiffs (COGs) to geocoded data

📁 Data

hh_acs_measures: Harmonized Historical ACS Measures

harmonized_historical_census_data: Harmonized Historical Census Data (1970 - 2010)

tract_indices: Census Tract-Level Neighborhood Indices

dep_index: Community Material Deprivation Index

hamilton_landcover: Hamilton County Land Cover and Built Environment

hamilton_drivetime: Hamilton County Drive Time to CCHMC

hamilton_traffic: Hamilton County Parcel and Household Traffic

hamilton_property_code_enforcement: Hamilton County Property Code Enforcement

crime_incidents: Cincinnati Crime Incidents

shotspotter: Cincinnati Shotspotter